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NCAA x Women in Sports Day Posters




This project was for a Multimedia Design course at Washington State University. We were asked to design four posters for a cause and company collaboration. I chose to have the NCAA collaborate with the cause for Women in Sports day. This seemed like a great fit, as this is something that the NCAA and its’ followers would support. This poster design could be continued with many more designs as the design is consistent yet has diversity. 

What I Learnt

This project consisted of a critique stage from classmates and this is where I learnt the most. I often get attached to my original design, and it was hard to listen and act on the changes that my peers suggeested. However after making the suggested changes I agreed that the posters were far better.

Programs Used

During this project I used Adobe Photoshop to create these posters. I was able to edit the imges and design the background and text all within Photoshop.