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New Zealand Foods




In this project I designed nine flat styled icons. All of these icons fell under the theme ‘New Zealand Foods’. Starting in the top left and travelling to the right we have; A Jaffa; Pineapple Lumps; Fairy Bread; A Mince and Cheese Pie; A Feijoa; Mallowpuffs; A Pavlova; Chocolate Fish; Vegemite. Through these nine icons I tried to keep the same style. My main techniques to keep the style similar were consistent colours, shading and highlights, and rounded edges. By using these techniques I ended with nine icons of the same style. These nine icons represent some of the classic New Zealand foods in a fun manner. Overall these designs are classically New Zealand.

What I Learnt

This project was my first experience with Adobe Illustrator. Although it took me a long time to get used to the interface, by the end of the design I was confident with the program. I also learnt a lot about the general composition of objects. I used reference images to create my icons, and through these references I learnt a lot about where to shade, and where to highlight. 

Programs Used

For this project I used Adobe Illustrator. This was by far the best program I could have used for this project. Adobe Illustrator is made for vector and icon design, making it incredibly easy to create two-dimensional designs.

Illustration of New Zealand foods