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Handshake Illustration




During the 2022 World Rowing U23 Championships I had a lot of spare time in my hotel room. I spent a lot of time illustrating random things, incuding this graphic. 

What I Learnt

This illsutration allowed me to practice my drawing skills, along with the ability to create the random things that come to my head. This is not something that I can see and draw, I have to be able to put what I have in my head down on paper (or on the computer in this case).

Programs Used

This drawing/design was created using Illustrator and Photoshop. What I did first was use photoshop to create a reference for what I wanted to draw. This would allow me to get the right perspectives, shading, etc. I then was able to draw this on Illustrator. I only had my laptop so I built this using shapes and lines rather than free-hand drawing. 

A Graphic design of Lego R2-D2