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Farming Poster




This poster was an assignment for a Digital Design & Art class at Washington State University. The assignment asked us to create a ‘retro’ poster that fit into one of the given themes. The theme that I chose was ‘Nature’. This pyramid of farming animals represents the ‘system’ of farming. The farmer stands on top of the animals and ‘the world’, reaping all the benefits off of the animals backs. 

What I Learnt

This was a really enjoyable project where I was able to explore some different styles and techniques. I went for a ‘block’ style, which I haven’t done before but it was a good challenge to see how I could execute this style across different animals. This assignment also had a limit of 5 colours including black and white. Because of this I had to learn to use things such as editing and layering shapes/colours in order to get the desired look. One last thing that I learnt during this project was how to use textures in Illustrator, which I hadn’t had much prior experience with. 

Programs Used

I used Adobe Illustrator to create this poster. As I mentioned above, this assignment gave me lots of opportunities to explore elements of Illustrator that I hadn’t used before, including layer blending modes and textures.

Poster Design for Fairlife milk