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Farmin’ for Future Campaign




This project was for a Digital Art & Design course at Washington State University. We were asked to create an event campaign for a cause of our choice. We were then required to complete the relevent branding including at least one poster, writsbands or ID badges, and a T-shirt design. The event that I created is called ‘Farmin’ for Future’ and it is a sustainability expo within the field of farming and agriculture. 

What I Learnt

This project was a good challenge because I had to create a range of different designs that were cohesive as a campaign overall. It was also important to think about what information might be relevent, along with how my target market might percieve and enjoy certain elements. 

Programs Used

For this project I used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator was used to create the designs, and Adobe Photoshop was used to create the mockups. 


For this project I created two different designs, and a total of four posters. The first design in red is the primary poster for this event. I wanted to create a modern/abstract tractor, but also include a fun element such as the driver. The driver was drawn by a 6 year old boy named Reggie. The idea behind using Reggie’s illustrations is to emphasise the fact that the way we are currently farming is not sustainable for our future generations. The green and yellow posters supplement the red poster, to create consistency with the colour scheme throughout the campaign. 

The second poster to the left is an additional design that uses the abstract tractor as a pattern. This adds diversity to the campaign, but creates consistency by using the same tractor design. This poster would be marketed as more of a collectors item, or a design to hang inside as art. 


These are the wristbands given to attendees. Each band uses a different colour so that staff can easily identify the correct wristband for that day.

The cohesive campaign is continued by utilising the colour scheme and the tractor design, along with the iconic type.

T-Shirt Design

This is the expo’s T-shirt design, featuring a tractor drawn by six year-old Reggie. This T-shirt is supposed to be a mix of funny, cool, and emotional. The shirt is designed so that it can be worn ironically or unironically and be fashionable either way. The child-like drawing should bring a focus to the fact that current farming practices are unsustainable for our future generations. One of the requirements for this design was that it was front-only to save on printing costs for the client. 

Sticker Design

These stickers also use Reggie’s illustration of a tractor, and can be used to advertise both the Farmin’ for Future expo and the cause of sustainable farming.