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Fairlife Advertisement




This project was an assignment from Washington State University’s  Creative Media Strategies and Techniques class. We were asked to create an advertisement for an item that appeared in our fridges. The created advertisement should fit in with other campaigns produced by the company, and reflect things such as the correct values and target markets. The print ad above is for Fairlife milk, and targets who I believe to be a large target market; Women interested in fitness and health. I designed this ad to highlight women by using images that they will relate to. I also targeted my heading and body copy towards those interested in fitness, using a motivating heading as well as highlighting the features of Fairlife milk such as extra protein and calcium.

What I Learnt

This project helped me to fine tune my skills with competititve analysis. In order to understand how my advertisement could fit in best with the company and their existing campaigns, I needed to research and review what this company was about. This helped me to identify the target market for Fairlife which I could use to inform my own design. 

Programs Used

I used Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to create this design. The majority of the design was created using Indesign, including the background textures, layout, and typography. Photoshop was used to edit the included image.

Poster Design for Fairlife milk