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Birth of Venus Composition



Overview & Theme

This composition was created for my Digital Technology and Culture 201 class, Methods for Digital Technology. In this composite piece I explore the differences between contemporary life and depictions of people in classical artworks. In the image ‘Birth of Venus’ by Sando Botticelli Venus is depicted as a pure and perfect women, similar to a pearl. I wanted to compare this classical depiction with a contemporary concept of purity and perfection, specifically regarding women and women’s’ bodies. This composition uses the pure depiction of Venus into a modern modelling environment. I want viewers to explore how they view beauty, perfection, and purity, and how the contemporary concepts of perfection are taking advantage of beauty commercially to the detriment of women.

In a modern world the pressure for women to be perfect is still as present as it was in 1485 ca. when Botticelli created this depiction of Venus.  Technological advancements in the modern age have made the potential of ‘perfection’ available to almost all women through things such as makeup, mass produced/cheap clothing, cosmetic surgery, and much more. To aid beauty technologies there are also the ever-present mass media sites. Mass media continues to emphasise and promote purity and perfection for commercial benefits. This creates a false idea that perfection is the norm for women of all ages, a damaging view for physical and mental health.

A Graphic design of Lego R2-D2