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Wellington Rowing Club

Pen Drawing


Line drawing of a wooden building


This is a line/pen drawing of my rowing club back in Wellington, New Zealand. The building is a registered heritage building and has the unique style of many of New Zealand’s older wooden buildings. This drawing was created not out of inspiration but boredom. One morning I went out to the waterfront with only my sketchpad and pen, to get some sketches down. Unfortunately when I returned the rowing club was locked with all my belongings inside. With my sketchpad and pen I waited outside for around 4 hours for someone to let me in. During this time I was able to capture some of the essence of the building in this drawing. 

What I Learnt

My experiences with pen and paper drawing usually result in personal dissapointment with my skills, this was one of the first drawings that I felt was a success.  I did not have an eraser for this sketch, and that was a key learning point for me. It is important to look forward, and not to continue erasing what you have already done. 

Programs Used

This drawing was created on paper using a fine ink pen. I was able to get a digital re-creation by using a printer/scanner. I then used Adobe Photoshop to lightly remove grain from the (low quality) scanner, and smudges from the ink.