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Magazine Spread

The Pathway to Elite


A Magazine spread design describing rowing


This magazine spread discusses my own future plans and ambitions. The assignment was given by Washington State University Com 210 Multimedia Creation class. The body copy of the article discusses my drive to become a New Zealand Olympian in the Rowing New Zealand Women’s Eight. In my design I wanted to match the ambition and drive that I feel about this topic, and display it visually. Using the arrow allowed me to seamlessly fit the image into the spread. The image is of the New Zealand under 21 Eight that I raced in in 2019. The arrow gives the viewer the emotion of going places, as well as following natural eye movements across the page.

What I Learnt

This project was a huge learning opportunity for me. It was my first big layout done in Indesign, which meant I had to get used to all the tools and familiar with the programming. The content of the design also taught me a lot. I learnt a lot about myself, and where I want to go in the future, as well as how I need to get there!

Programs Used

This magazine spread was created in Adobe InDesign. Using this program allowed me to create a basic layout or master, and then experiment with different images, logos, text, and more. Other program that I used were Adobe Photoshop, to edit the image of the boat, and Adobe Illustrator, to create the arrow element.