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Lego R2-D2

Digital Drawing


A Graphic design of Lego R2-D2


During the pandemic I found myself inspired to create a drawing where I could begin to express my personal design style, as well as something fun and meaningful to me. As a child I grew up playing Lego Star Wars on the computer with my dad, and these memories are important to me. I was interested in creating a blueprint design that held these memories, but which made my modern yet fun design style apparent. Most importantly I wanted to be able to create something that I would personally want to keep on my walls.

What I Learnt

This project allowed me to grow my own personal style, and explore more into what that specific style is. I have always enjoyed a modern style to design, however it was also nice to explore a fun idea, which doesn’t always match the other modern content which is usually created. Although it did not make it into the final design, I also explored a 3-D blueprint of R2-D2. In this exploration I discovered the perspective tools in Illustrator, which was a great skill to learn and may be usful in other future projects.

Programs Used

This drawing/design was created using Illustrator and Photoshop. I used Illustrator to create the outline, and to work with the layout of R2-D2’s parts. I then used photoshop to work on the rendering, as well as the full design layout including background design and typography.