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Dairy Farming in New Zealand and the environment



The infographic is about the impact of dairy farming on New Zealand’s greenhouse emissions. In this infographic I incorporated many visual elements. I created icons, pie charts, and graphs. This allows viewers to quickly assess the information that I am providing. I provide small amounts of text where I analyse the charts. This analysis will provide more in-depth information for viewers who wish to look further into the topic. For many viewers, a quick glance at the graphs will be enough to understand the argument that I am making against dairy farming.

What I Learnt

This project required a lot of research, as I had to write an accompanying essay. I learnt a lot about the topic of dairy farming within New Zealand. However I also learnt a lot about how to visually appeal to an audience, and how to turn research into a visual design.

Programs Used

I used Adobe InDesign to produce the overall design of this infographic. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the individual icons. These two programs worked well together and made it easy to create both my icons and my layout.