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Infographic Design about earthquakes


This infographic informs readers about how to be prepared for an earthquake. The intended audience is residents of New Zealand living in earthquake prone cities such as Wellington or Christchurch. The infographic shows three clear steps to preparing for an earthquake; checking your house’s structure; preparing your emergency kit; and memorising the correct responses. Each subheading has a section of relevant tips so the reader can be prepared for an earthquake. In my infographic design I have also created a multi-purpose poster by including check boxes. This way anyone who ends up with this poster can ensure their safety by checking through the list.

What I Learnt

I learnt a lot about how communicate facts to the audience. This is my first infographic and I found it really interesting to see how I could try to visualise the information that I had researched. It was also difficult to think about the different ways a reader might interpret the information, and to ensure I was giving the correct message to all readers.

Programs Used

This infographic was made using Adobe Illustrator. While I would normally use Adobe InDesign to produce a layout design like this, it was great using illustrator as I was able to have my icons and charts right there, and edit them as I go.