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Print Advertisement

Yellowstone National Park


Poster design for Yellowstone National Park


This print advertisement is an ad for the Every Kid in The Park campaign. We were asked to create this as part of my Washington State University Com 210 Multimedia Creation class. My ad talks about the Yellowstone National Park, and invites everyone eligible for Every Kid in The Park to visit. I wanted to target my ad to parents of eligible children. This meant while I wanted my ad to be playful, I also wanted it to be sophisticated for the parents. This resulted in fun shapes and interesting colours, while remaining modern. The body copy talks about the benefits that children can gain from visiting national parks, and how it will boost learning in young children.

What I Learnt

Before this assignment I was unfamiliar with designing in Microsoft Word. I learnt how to use Microsoft Word features such as shapes, images, and text, to create an interesting design. I also learnt how to create a persuasive body copy aimed at a particular audience, in this case, parents. 

Programs Used

This project was interesting because it was created in Microsoft Word. While I found Microsoft Word to be difficult to use, it was important to learn. Not all clients will have access to Adobe programs, meaning knowing how to work in other programs is important for a designer.