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Poster & Brochure

Sony WH-100MX3 Headphones


Poster design for WH-100MX3 headphones
Brochure design for WH-100MX3 headphones
Step-by-step visual of how to open brochure


This project was an assignment from Washington State University’s  Creative Media Strategies and Techniques class. The project required us to create a consistent campaign for a product of our choice. We were required to create all material ourselves including the product photography. The two advertisements should work together with the same ad idea, but be different enough for consumers to enjoy both. My designs advertised Sony’s noise cancelling headphones to my target market, young professionals. The designs focus on the visual impact to fit best with that markets media consumption habits. For the brochure element we were required to use an interesting fold, other than the tri-fold. As shown in the image above, my brochure is in the shape of a square, which pulls apart to reveal similar images on each side of the brochure, and copy about the noise cancelling qualities of the headphones. When the brochure is flipped over there is further information, supported with eye-catching imagery.

What I Learnt

This assignment help me to improve my copy writing skills, I was able to practice short and persuasive body copy (poster) as well as longer, more in-depth writing (brochure). I was also able to practice and explore product photography. I learnt how to use props to lay out an effective scene, with the product as the focus. I also learnt how to use photoshoot tools such as lightboxes, lights, reflective screens, and more.

Programs Used

To create this design I used both InDesign, Photoshop, and Lightroom. InDesign was used to create the final design seen above, perfecting the layout and adding the text elements. I used Photoshop to edit certain parts of the product photgraphy such as removing the cord that held up the product during the photoshoot. Lightroom was used to alter the lighting and colours of the images.